Lord Hill and The Column

On Monday 9 September (6pm to 8pm), Shropshire Council is holding a public meeting at Shirehall to discuss the future of Lord Hill’s Column.

You’re very welcome to come along if you’re interested.

And, can you help spread the word to the Friends of Shrewsbury Museum?

The meeting will include presentations about Lord Hill, The Column and the planned repair of the statue that is due to be carried out later this year.

But there will also be a question and answer session in which people can ask, and have their say, about Lord Hill, The Column and the long-term future of the statue, and The Column itself.

Issues up for discussion are set to include: should the statue be repaired every five to 10 years, or be replaced with a replica made from different materials? How should the repair or replacement of the statue be funded? Should more be made of The Column as a visitor attraction, and should visitors be charged to climb to the top? Should a ‘Friends of Lord Hill’ group be set up to help look after and promote The Column, and more.

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