Save the Quarry Pool

If you want to sign the petition organised by Dr Nick Richards you can download a copy here.   Dr Richards has arranged for petitions to be collected by Mike & Jean at their Antique stall in Shrewsbury Market and will be picked up by him regularly.

If you want to support our petition to Shropshire Council to save this unique and well used Quarry Centre and refurbish it, please sign the petition.  Your address is needed to make the petition valid.


1 comment to Save the Quarry Pool

  • Ja Wood

    We have used the pool ever since we moved to Shrewsbury but recently have found it unclean and ill kept and we realized the reason is not because it can not be refurbish but because the council will not do it so they can knock it down and use it for something else. Not everyone can get to other areas by public transport or by walking so this pool is ideal in its present situation, less car emissions and clogging up the roads already congested.

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