Town Council to back Quarry pool – brilliant

Shropshire Council is in the process of running a four-month consultation on the future location of Shrewsbury’s swimming pool – currently based at the Quarry Fitness and Leisure Centre.

The town council will be meeting at the start of September to submit its final response to the proposals before the deadline of September 25. It has previously called for the pool to remain in the town centre and Councillor Andrew Bannerman expects the final response to be the same.

The Coton Hill and Quarry Councillor said a town centre location for the pool is vital for the prosperity of the town – particularly with the impending arrival of students at University Centre Shrewsbury.

He said: “The key points are, firstly access. A town centre site is vastly better for most people; secondly it is important for the economic and social health of the town centre – it brings a lot of people in and they do not only go to the swimming pool they do other things in the town centre as well. If it was at Sundorne they would not; there is nothing else to do in Sundorne.”

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